Your Travel Program Done Right: Benefits of hotel negotiated rates for your company

Direct savings of at least 10% is one of the benefits of hotel negotiated rates. Your agency’s dedicated Account Manager will provide you with useful insights on which are your top vendors, and source negotiated rates. Consider the 3 points below when looking for savings in your corporate travel program.

Better Deals on Hotels

Travel Management Companies have strong relationships with various hotels in different countries and cities. With a strong supplier relationship, it is easier for corporate travel consultants to ensure that you get the best hotel deals and hotel discounts, not to mention ask for that favor when the hotel is sold out. To maximize your buying power, consider taking advantage of pre-negotiated discounts available through your agency.

The Preferred Hotel Programs

Travel agents have numerous ways to provide their clients special discounted rates, benefits and inclusions that are already negotiated. As a regular customer, you can partake on those value-added services during your stay such as early check-in or late check-out, complimentary upgraded guaranteed, and credits towards the stay.

Professional Expertise

Another benefit of hotel negotiated rate, as a client, is that you gain access to the professional experience of your Account Manager whose sole goal is to add value to your program. In addition, the trained agents have exposure to industry tricks not commonly used by travelers. Things such hotel corporate rate negotiations that include complimentary nights, or waived cancellation fees can result in direct savings.


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By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel