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What to Look for in a Corporate Travel Company

Do I really need a corporate travel company? If you have to manage numerous business travel requests, the answer is YES.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dissatisfied with your current corporate travel company or looking to partner with one for the first time, there are some factors to take into consideration when making your decision. Ask yourself the following questions to find out which candidate is the right fit:

1) How can it improve my company’s travel policy and increase traveler compliance?

This is critical, seeing as all travel management companies (or for that matter anyone with a computer) can book tickets. What not everyone can do is ensure the development and enforcement of your corporate travel policy, in order to realize cost savings through your business travel initiatives. Keep in mind that a good account management team should work towards implementing your travel policies while analyzing areas of potential improvement, compliance, and execution.

2) Are there any hidden costs?

Before signing on with any corporate travel company make sure that you understand the fee structure. Look out for red flags like charges for simple routine bookings or support calls.

3) How can it help us reach company goals?

It really all comes down to this, right? Is your goal savings, or better tool, or employee satisfaction? Remember that bigger isn’t always better. Instead, focus on searching for an appropriately-sized agency for your travel program's spend and needs. Be on the lookout for experience and technology to support your company culture.

4) What’s the trip support like?

This is where the human element is most important. There’s no type of technology that can comfort you when your flight got canceled and you need to get to an event. Thankfully, a real live human can find you an alternate route. Look for travel support that is 24/7 and in multiple languages.

5) Can you deliver a return on investment?

Most reputable corporate travel companies can and should deliver a return on investment, simply because they can get better rates by leveraging volumes and negotiating with your preferred vendors. Yet, the margin of ROI can vary significantly.

At Forest Travel, we can help save your company up to 18% yearly in business travel expenditure. We also offer enhancements such as a customize online booking tool. It helps in enforcing travel policies, and a team of agents 24/7 who will ensure your travelers are taken care of.


Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel