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How to find savings by managing your Rental Car Program

To find savings by managing your rental car program you need to respect the following:

  1.  Have a policy: set max daily rate, with or without insurance included.
  2. Have a corporate rate with a preferred vendor: select top cities; loyalty program.
  3. Partner with TMC to consolidate booking channels: assign a dedicated group of agents to travel program.
  4. Training & education!

Statistics said that, yearly, $70k in rental car 90% are booked with one vendor.

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There are more opportunities for savings:

  •  21% of bookings paid for upgrades.
  • 3% of travelers upgraded at the counter at company expense.
  • 45% of travelers added unnecessary additional insurance coverage.

Here are solutions to find savings by managing your rental car program:

  •  Loyalty program enrollment refresh + online booking tool message to travelers.
  • Block car upgrades and set direct billing of agreed car classes to the company card.
  • Travel policy retraining, online booking tool message + international traveler study of true insurance needs.


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By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel