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Carmen Stinson - Jan 11, 2019

Ensure Efficiency with an Automated Corporate Travel Approval System

Back in the day, traveling was not as easy as it is now. There was neither the technology to support it nor the expertise. However, modern times have made it easier to manage travel. If you plan a trip without taking help from online booking tools or travel management companies, it gets extremely tiring and tedious. This is because you are now subject to running from one place to another to finalize your bookings. You have to go through the hassle of creating itineraries, requests, bookings, confirmations, etc.

However, going through the struggle of manually managing a trip is your choice. The choice is between either choosing a corporate travel approval system which can create for you an ideal corporate travel program or choosing to do all that an established travel management platform would do, yourself.

Having said that, to make this choice it’s important for you to be familiar with the ideology that lays a foundation for an automated corporate travel approval system. The system consists of corporate travel services such as travel request, making necessary bookings, getting required approvals, making payments and giving you details regarding your travel expenses. So, briefly, it automates your travel experience to reduce the fatigue that is likely to be caused by a non-automatic management tool.  It is like a travel management solution to all your corporate travel concerns.

A corporate travel approval system is structured in a way that makes all of this easier for your employees. There are certain rules that are explicitly mentioned on your corporate travel platform. They significantly reduce the possibility of any misunderstandings later. The steps go as follows:

  • The employee logs in to the corporate travel approval system, the navigation to the login point won’t be complicated and the log in system is always easily accessible.

  • He or she then chooses the desired travel modes, booking options and dates.

  • An approver then receives a travel request to approve, creates various options which are closer to the choice of the employee.

  • Keeping in mind your company’s corporate travel policies and requirements of the employee, it approves the request.

  • For convenience, the system is available on all modes of communication. You can find it on laptops, computers, tablets and your phone.

Now that you may have understood how exactly a corporate travel approval system works, all you need to know are the various advantages that it entails:  

  • Automated management tools are cost and time effective. They reduce the amount of time you spend running for bookings and managing your corporate travel, and are able to deliver everything you want under one roof.

  • Your corporate travel program is made easier when your management tools are well aware of what exactly you want, it complies with your policies and your requirements and creates a set of customized options which you can choose as per your comfort and convenience. You get approved itineraries and insights. Through this tool, your business decisions are likely to optimize expenses without having to shift from one place to another or from one link to another.  

  • Another huge benefit of an automatic corporate travel approval system is how aware it is of certain perks. It encourages and reminds you to stay on top of your game by keeping you aware of various beneficial deals and booking opportunities. You can also customize and change your corporate travel policy depending on the deals that attract you in the best way. For example, if your employee is supposed to travel during a certain season, a travel management tool would filter the choices and help you select an ideal date and time for your worker to reach a specific location as per the purpose of the trip you are planning.

  • You stay at a constant advantage of lower costs and happier employees. A well-known corporate travel company is aware of the importance of employee satisfaction and hence its basic function is to ensure the optimization of resources under acceptable conditions, alongside the contentment of your employee. It also structures reports and profiles which give you a fair idea of most expenses done and gives you a detailed report on the performance of the approver, that is whether any decisions made have increased expenses or not.

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Having the right agency can save you up to 30% on your overall travel budget while keeping your employees happy.

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About the Author

Carmen Stinson
Director, Global Corporate Travel Sales & Operations
Carmen is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 19 years of management, from the hotel industry to the corporate travel arena. She is dedicated to high-level customer relations, while an expert in financial management, and operations. Carmen passion for traveling matches her professional experience.
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