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The Benefits of Managing your Corporate Travel with Concur Travel  & Expense Platform

Do you remember your flip phone? The one that makes the same call that your Smart Phone makes today? 

Why do you pay $1000 for a phone now, which makes the same call your flip phone did? Concur Travel & Expense, by SAP, is your Smart Phone of travel & expense. You can’t deny the efficiencies your Smart Phone brings to your life such as calendar, camera, address book, apps, etc. This exemplifies today’s Corporate Program when you integrate Concur’s solution.

Imagine this: you book an airline ticket and a hotel in Concur Travel platform, which provides a live feed from vendors, just like what you see online anywhere else (and cheaper at times). Your Airline receipt is automatically sent to your Concur Expense electronic ‘folder.’ Once you land and take an Uber/Lyft, before you even exit the car, the receipt appears in your ‘folder.’ Upon checking into the hotel, all your preferences and loyalty program are listed, since they came from your Concur Travel profile. At check out, an e-Receipt magically appears in your Concur Expense ‘folder’, in addition to the Uber/Lyft receipt for your return trip to the airport (ps: your rental car receipt may also show up). While you are waiting at the airport to board, that coffee receipt is added to your expense report ‘folder’ as you took a picture of it. You file your expense report through the App, and before you take off on your next trip, you have been paid via direct deposit.

Concur/SAP is a leader in SaaS; however, they stick to that. They are not a travel agency. Again, thinking of your Smart Phone as a piece of equipment, Apple does not provide the ‘line’ or data that makes your phone work. You need an agreement with cell phone providers like AT&T or Verizon. Forest Travel is that provider, sending the ‘data’ into Concur Travel platform, as well as providing Agent-Assisted services and Account Management.

Some of the benefits of integrating Concur Travel & Expense into the organization are:

  • Productivity increase from both travelers and accounting team
  • Automation, linking your current accounting software to Concur Expense

  • Visibility on real-time spend, especially travel costs

  • Ability to manage Unused Airline Tickets

  • Decrease overall travel spend by guiding travelers to stay in hotels where a negotiated rate is set

  • Reduce rental car costs, integrating Corporate Discount Programs with a preferred vendor, which prevents add-on products like upgrades, pre-paid fuel, and insurance

Watch this to see the ROI Concur Travel & Expense can bring. And here is a link to our interactive calculator for you to see how much your company can save.

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If you want to lear more about this platform, contact me for a free consultation. 

By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel Sales & Operations