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The Best “Must Have” Business Travel Tools

When it comes to corporate travel management tools, it is absolutely fundamental for office managers and/or personal assistants to have the correct tools for the job. Many things need to be taken into consideration: airlines, schedules, hotels, costs, etc. In this article, you’ll learn about business travel tools that make corporate travel management a little easier.

Travelers need 24/7 ease of use, convenient and empowering tools that will allow them to book travel with little to no training. 

Travel management and procurement staff need tools that allow them to focus on strategic objectives through automation of basic travel reservations and meetings, thus keeping control of company policy. This allows reporting and forecasting tools that analyze expenses giving travelers ease of use by finding lower fares.

Here are four tools for corporate travel management

  • Google Forms is useful for collecting and organizing data in a quick way from several people. Use google forms to gather passport numbers, preferred meal types, airline loyalty programs, and any other information you might need. The downside of using google forms is that information shows up in the cluttered mail that you need to sort out. Plus consider some confidentially aspects...

  • TravelPerk is a business travel platform that lets users plan their business trips. The platform allows searching, booking and managing flights, car and hotel accommodations while tailoring to the needs of company policy. This platform is free to use and easy to incorporate into your corporate travel management policies. It is made for small companies that don’t require travel management and reporting.

  • Concur Travel & Expense is a mobile expense ledger that allows travelers to book travel and scan their receipts so that the app will classify and analyze the expenses. It allows for control of costs, and it is designed to reflect your company policy. It suits companies traveling $150k/yr or more, allowing for corporate negotiated rates to be loaded (which reduces costs and guides travelers during booking process).

  • TripIt is a tool that helps the business traveler by scanning the email inboxes of those authorized to do so and find travel information such as flight, hotel, car, and train bookings. These bookings are imported and let the user know that they can log into TripIt and manage the trip. Using TripIt, the traveler can see if there are flight delays, weather, and traffic information for their destination and many other things.  


Trust us, the use of these four travel tools will improve corporate travel management dramatically.


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By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel Sales & Operations