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Corporate Travel Management Solutions: In-house vs External

In the fast moving travel industry, you need solutions that pave the way to new services and revenue opportunities. Nowadays you can rely on corporate travel management agencies to:

  • Transform your corporate travel program
  • Increase savings and compliance
  • Deliver exceptional customer care for those unexpected moments
  • Provide the most relevant travel options

Corporate travel management, in-house or external, provides companies with a comprehensive opportunity to cut costs and enhance travelers experience. In this article, we will examine the benefits of an in-house x external corporate travel management solution.  

In-House corporate travel management versus external travel management companies

In-House means that your company has someone in its payroll responsible for travel. This person will make bookings, or approve bookings, handle changes, and look after negotiated rates with hotels and rental car companies. For smaller business, this may be a solution specially if that person has other functions.

External TMC means that your company is serviced by an agency that has a team of agents 24/7 at your disposal, an online booking tool, and offer reports that can lead to higher cost savings. 

Having your travel expert nearby

Having an in-house travel manager is very useful, especially when managers need to ask a question and get a quick answer or when it comes to reporting. With electronic communication your travel expert is just a click away.

True cost of travel

Managers should take into consideration whether the travels they are booking are year-round or seasonal. This crucial step is pivotal to the fact of giving thought into having an in-house agent in an office with all the related expenses. If travel is seasonal, companies are left paying their salary and the office space anyway. 

Travel contracts

Managers should make sure that they are not bound by long-term contracts which would prevent them from switching travel providers if they find that they are not a good fit for the company. Some corporate travel management agencies do not require a long-term contract to retain their services. 

Travel Policy compliance

Compliance with travel policies is the most important aspect of travel management. Most policies are often not read, or employees try to find creative ways around them. It may be easier for an in-house travel agent, who has befriended other employees, to be persuaded to make exceptions for a ‘friend’ when booking travel. 

A dedicated team of travel experts

In-house travel agents often work on their own, so when they are not available the company is left to deal with its own crisis, domestic or foreign.

Corporate Travel experts on-call 24-hours a day, who knows the company and travelers are there for any kind of assistance. For example, if an employee should run into some difficulty while traveling – whether it be lost luggage or a health issue requiring going to the doctor in a foreign country – a team member should be ready to assist no matter the time of day.  

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By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel Sales & Operations