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Carmen Stinson - Jan 15, 2019

Employer’s Duty Of Care – Online Tool To Track Employee Business Travel

Business travel basically means corporate travel. In simpler words, it is a work vacation where you are sent to foreign or local destinations for business or corporate purposes. Sometimes, these locations can be risky and eccentric, but when work calls you really can’t say no to it. Your safety and comfort should be taken care of because that is a legal obligation for your company.

The reason for that is: corporate travel service understands the importance of your comfort and care. Even though the duty of care is your company’s, when it comes to you, a corporate travel company recognizes the importance of your safety just as much.

This is why our service is designed to give your company the luxury of tracking and connecting with you under unforeseen circumstances. This not only makes traveling easier but also keeps your loved ones and your employer at the comfort of being aware of how you are doing. However, the one concern that does pop up when one thinks about this facility is how exactly does it function?

In simple words, it is like a tracker. For your company to finally be able to use this as a resource of their employee’s security, it needs to follow a few basic steps. These are as follows:

They need to be aware of risks

A company cannot send an employee for business without being aware of the pros and cons of that location. Before sending you for a work trip, the company needs to be aware of the risks that the specific destination may entail. The common problems that you can face while traveling are losing luggage, language barriers, getting lost, security or natural disasters.

Employee Training

It is important that your company is well aware of the possible problems that could occur at your work trip destination. The common problems that you can face while traveling are losing luggage, language barriers, getting lost, security or natural disasters. As an employee, you should be well trained to manage these issues at hand.

Use an Online Booking Tool

Using an Online Booking Tool will help your company keep track of your whereabouts. It will also be an ideal way for you to follow an emergency plan and your company or a professional can guide you through the process. If your company is using a Corporate Travel Agency to plan your trip, it is likely that they have already developed this feature for your and their comfort.

Make a Check-List

Checklists are convenient and easy to follow as they also help ensure that when your company is planning a business travel trip for you, they don’t forget things that are most important to make your trip, as an employee, comfortable. However, it is also important to remember that this check-list is financially not that demanding, so when you have to travel, spend your budget as per your convenience but efficiently.  This checklist will not only help fulfill your company’s legal obligation of duty of care but also make your corporate travel experience pleasant.

The checklist given below can be an example for your company to follow or keep in mind when planning your travel for the safety of you and your fellow employees:

  • Develop a communication system for your comfort. This will be the pathway that connects your company and you comfortably. This is easy to do when you have hired a well-established corporate travel agency.

  • As mentioned before, provide you and members of other departments, that are related to corporate travel, with necessary training which help them tackle unforeseen situations efficiently.

  • Ensure that you and other members of the company have a strong hold on health and safety of their own selves.

  • Make an emergency management procedure, which is standard for every employee and well-explained to them before they head to their business travel.

  • Lay a foundation for a corporate travel policy for your company and make sure that they are taken seriously throughout the company.

  • Use an online booking tool which helps your company keep a check and track of all employees’ whereabouts.

  • In case of a change in the itinerary planned, make sure you are kept well aware of any alterations made.

  • Your company should be responding readily to you in case of an emergency situation.

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