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Carmen Stinson - Jan 4, 2019

What are the 5 Ways to Manage Unused Corporate Travel Tickets

Un-used tickets can be of great inconvenience. Many times, perfectly planned trips don’t end up happening due to various reasons and your tickets in such a scenario are most likely to go to waste. However, keeping in mind that air fares are usually touching the sky and planning a trip is not easy, it’s quite unfair to have to throw out your tickets.

This is specifically harder to do when you have planned a trip on your own because there is little guidance or support from a travel agency. However, if you are one of those who has taken the smart decision to divert the hassle of planning a trip to a travel management company, then travel manage will be easier for you.

However, the greatest way a travel management company can be of use to you is by being at your service under conditions uncalled for. For instance, answering the question of how you can utilize your un-used corporate travel tickets, which happens to be what this blog is about.

The first and easiest way to ensure that your travel expense is well utilized is to be aware of the possibility of your trip.

Secondly, you can optimize expenses best when you are well-informed about how your company deploys its finances to book online tickets or manage travel. A travel management company would create in-depth documentation which keeps you updated regarding un-used tickets and other travel opportunities. It is a detailed profile on names of airlines, travelers, ticket values and their expiration dates. This way whenever and whatever decision your company makes, it is a well-informed one.

Another way a travel management company could be of help is via automated responses to un-used tickets. They efficiently reallocate resources which were previously used to book online tickets or other reservations to better alternatives. These resources can easily then be used productively for other expenses of your company. Eventually, when you travel, spend an amount which doesn’t prove to be of any further risk for the company’s finances.

Above all, an efficient travel management company would not let your finances used on corporate travel tickets go to waste. How they do so is by sending you constant notifications of your unused tickets. In such a case, you can readily use that ticket or get it refunded to the extent of your airlines or travel management company’s policy.

If the unused ticket is present as a result of a canceled or postponed conference or meeting, you can use that money on travel for another purpose, If not any other way. However, if that is a possibility your company wishes to look into, it is important to note that while you travel, spend the amount which equates to the amount the business trip would have cost initially.

The reason for this is that this way your company will only be spending the amount you have initially prepared finances for and it’ll be even easier to manage travel.

Once your travel management company has been able to re-allocate resources, you have achieved a point of no significant losses. A good travel management company will be able to co-operate with your company’s policies and provide them with what they want. The main purpose of a travel management company is to reduce all problems associated with traveling and solve them as readily as possible. If your hired corporate travel company is unable to bring convenience and comfort to you, then you have possibly chosen the wrong one because a correctly chosen travel management company would ensure that despite unforeseen circumstances, your problem is solved in a cost-effective manner.

If your company has gone through the trouble of having unused corporate travel tickets, then a travel management company will help you manage to travel in an even better way, so when your employees or you travel, spend effectively. For this purpose, Forest Travel Company can be of great use to you and will also be able to efficiently assist your company out of unforeseen problems such as managing unused tickets efficiently.

Having the right agency can save you up to 30% on your overall travel budget while keeping your employees happy.

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