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Why Are Your Employees Not Complying With Your Travel Policy

Corporate travel policies have mainly 3 goals: educate employees about travel guidelines, increase employee satisfaction while traveling, and ultimately save money. So why aren’t employees compliant with your corporate travel policies?

Employees don’t know corporate travel policy exists

In many cases, this is due to a lack or ineffective communication from administrators and managers. If your employees aren’t aware of your corporate travel policies, you cannot expect them to comply with those standards.


From properly on-boarding to continued education, policies should be widely circulated, whether it is via a printed document, a distribution done in the corporate intranet, email, etc.


Employees don’t understand corporate travel policy


Adoption will increase once employees understand the ‘why’ of things. Many employees make bookings themselves unaware that the travel program in place is meant to bring efficiencies and savings.


You can start by asking feedback on awareness of current travel program. Next, you can share the actual travel program via training sessions. Hint: your Travel Management Company (TMC) will be a great resource and can take the burden away from you! This process will show your employees you care, and help them understand your travel program in full. 


Employees are breaching corporate travel policy by accident


Employees are, for the most part, full of great intentions: they want to save company’s money, own the process, and have control of their spend. But sometimes employees breach corporate travel policies without realizing that the policy is actually mandatory, and not a ‘guideline’.

Again, education, feedback sessions and audits are a great way to study the current travel program.

Employees are breaching corporate travel policy intentionally

There are many areas in which employees tend to intentionally breach the company’s corporate travel policy. One of such areas comes to booking airfares and hotels. Preferred brands over pricing can be costly. You can easily prevent this by using technology that only display airfares and bookings that are compliant with corporate travel policies, giving the employee no other choice but to choose amongst those.  


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By: Carmen Stinson

Director, Global Corporate Travel Sales & Operations